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Voyager Out Now

Rubymink’s third album ‘Voyager’ released today


Voyager Album – Officially released today. Rubymink’s third album ‘Voyager’ is a vast, electronic journey with bass-laden beats, heavy synths and driving guitars that evoke ominous cinematic expanses inspired by dystopian themes and space travel. Now available streaming everywhere.

New Album Out Now

rubymink_album_releaseWe are happy to announce the release of our new album Rubymink.
It has been the culmination of many months of work and we put our heart and soul into this.
Listen & Enjoy.


Available now for download on iTunes.

Special thanks to Maggie Gibson, Mari Takagi, Cati James, Billy Armijo of the Bedsit Infamy, Justin Calhoun, Ryan Connor of Mindcycle Studios, and most especially to all of you who believed in us.

Album Notes

“Superliminal” is a melodic, instrumental swirl of guitars that evoke a summertime daydream.

The first single, “Right as Rain” is an electrified, bluesy, psychedelic piece that leads to smooth, textural, guitar-heavy verses with swoon-worthy harmonies from Maggie Gibson.
Mixed and Mastered at Mindcycle Studios

“Fill My Shoes” is a bold, heavy tune about life’s hard choices, begging you to go for a drive on some empty freeway as it encircles you with explosive guitars that fade into a soft reverie.
The soft landing leads to the two nature-inspired tracks “My Cup”, and “It’s True”, with smooth vocal harmonizing from Mari Takagi.
The songs are a prayer to the earth, giving the ear a sense of peaceful repose.  These two acoustic grooves are pastoral, tranquil melodies about the wild places in the world.
“Sirens” is a lovely,  moody ballad about beauty and danger that recalls the story of Ulysses and the Sirens. The soft beats, rippling ambient guitar and  alluring vocals beckon you to go in, as The Odyssey says … the wine dark sea.
The lush, electronic tune “Light Speed” continues with the distinctive male and female harmonizing from Llewellyn and Gibson taking the listener from the mountaintop to the galaxies.
Come back to earth with the organ-heavy, beat-laden track “Rain Cloud Comes”, referring to ancient kings, empires, and symbols.
“Will”  is a triumphant acoustic track about experiencing nature as well as starting over. If you knock me down, I’ll get up off the ground.
“Pretend Friends” comes crashing in as a defiant, powerful, hard rocking number with distortion and driving chaos. A reminder that the truth is hard to hear, but harder when not heard.
“Restless Eyes” is an introspective, nine-minute epic about love, loss, nostalgia and desire with soulful harmonizing from Cati James.
“See You on the Other Side”. Wheels on a desert road, ominous thunderclouds and an unknown destination. Life is fleeting so raise a cup to those that came before, and those that will one day enter the world.


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More Reviews:

“Rubymink  draws influence from artists like Beck, Super Furry Animals, Ladytron, and Stereolab. In Rubymink’s world, thunderous explosions can quickly lead to hushed tones and back again”. – Tyler Jacobson, Tyler never Sleeps

“Rubymink is strong, alluring, soulful, and psychedelic. A unique, fresh sound”. – DWK, VM51

“If  The Verve, Stereolab, Soundgarden and Brightblack Morning Light got together and made an album, this is what it would  sound like” – JB

Additional Album Notes:

Rubymink’s debut self-titled album was recorded in New York, New York, Tokyo, Japan, and Portland, Oregon. The album was written and arranged by Stevyn Llewellyn, and features the vocal contributions of  Maggie Gibson ( Margaret Wehr ), Mari Takagi, and Cati James. Additional instrumental contributions are bass by Justin Calhoun, Keyboard by Mari Takagi,  and drums by Billy Armijo.  the album was mixed and mastered by Ryan Connor of MindCycle studios.

Vocals – Stevyn Llewellyn, Maggie Gibson (Margaret Wehr),  Mari Takagi, Cati James
Guitar, Keyboards – Stevyn Llewellyn
Drums – Jody Beam
Drums on “It’s True” – Billy Armijo
Bass on “It’s True” – Justin Calhoun
Keyboard on “It’s True” – Mari Takagi
Mixing and Mastering  – MindCycle Studios


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