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Vocalist Maggie Gibson

maggie_gibsonContributing vocalist Maggie Gibson lends her distinctive voice to eight tracks on the upcoming Rubymink album, including the songs Right as Rain, Fill My Shoes, Rain Cloud Comes, Will, Sirens, Light Speed, Pretend Friends, and See You on the Other Side.

Maggie is a Portland based musician whose solo works are described as Soulful indie folk/pop. Maggie also performs with her band Promise The Moon,  along with the musical talents of  Brance Pearson and  Molly Lehrkind.

Promise_Web23Coming from Wisconsin and the plains of the Midwest , Maggie was raised among a family of musicians. She has been exploring violin and piano, and was self-taught on guitar and mandolin.

Promise The Moon Performing in Portland, Oregon
Promise The Moon Performing in Portland, Oregon

Some of Maggie’s  other projects include the soundtrack for the Portland film “Holed Up” composed by Ryan Cloutier, and Rock Opera “In Odin’s Name,” composed by Justin Radford.

Maggie Gibson Solo project

Promise The Moon