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Gypsy Woman Demo

A special demo of  a new track in the works, Gypsy Woman featuring Stevyn Llewellyn and Cati James


Headed down that wide and open road
Your hands are empty but your pockets full of gold
It’s time to say goodbye to the days of old

You’ve got some magic, won’t you share it with me?
You cast a spell woman, you cast it on me

Gypsy woman where you lay your head is your home
From the mountainside to the streets of Rome

There’s something outside that makes you shine
I know inside that you will never be mine
restless woman please take your time

You’ve got a gypsy heart
You’ve got a restless mind
You’ve got a gypsy heart

Wake up with the sound of a crow
pack your things head to Mexico
you don’t belong to anyone at all