Album Update


Preparation for our next album began while our debut was released in August of this year. We have fleshed out about six songs so far, and three of them are nearly there, instrumentation – wise. Lyrically, they are coming together, and one called “All I Am” is pretty solid. The tone of that track is hopeful and unapologetic, while the other two “Lucidity” and “Heaven Knows” are brooding and atmospheric. I’m not sure if these will be on the album or not, as they are softer and more melancholic than the others. Making music is a process, it can be truly enlightening and inspiring, and at the same time, terribly frustrating. It comes down to being able to carve away time to let it become something special.  And then it becomes a matter of it being heard.

I’m pleased with one song, and the Instrumentation for “Apollo” is nearly done, it needs some tightening up and solid vocals to give it the life it needs. It is a hard rocking number, good highway music. That being said, We’ve uploaded it below for you to have a special preview of the track. If you are out there reading this, let us know what you think.


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